What is Majuru?


Majuru is the dedicated art of helping and pleasing people in one setting; giving people what their bodies need and want all at the same time.

Majuru is releasing stress and achieving ultimate relaxation performed with a mixture of knowledge of one's physical aspects  mixed in with the sensualness of a woman as well as a holistic approach to help you regain and maintain control of your health via stress release.

I provide an all encompassing and relaxing environment to amplify your experience. Mood lighting and light blues music help bring the body to a complete state of relaxation. None of that tacky elevator music is used here. No ting tang sounds of bells or chimes no sounds of water dripping to influence necessities.

A thousand words cannot explain the sensation and relaxation that the Majuru Massage delivers. This form of body art must be experienced to believe.

The Art

I practice complete body relaxation and stress release done in a body art form. I strive for excellence through superior personal care and satisfaction. Your experience will be special and the therapeutic benefits you will gain are bar none.

Warm, scent free hypoallergenic lotion is used in a Nuru Form and applied using the outer extremities of my body.  The process is done in a  precise and knowledgeable way beginning with your hands and not stopping until every square inch of your body is touched. My lotion is a powerful blend of therapeutic ingredients and is not the typical nasty, slimy nuru gel commonly used.

Visit me and take a moment of your life to discover complete fulfillment and ecstasy without guilt or regret. 



Hi I'm Maj


I have been expressing Majuru for 19 years. This is an expression of art, knowledge, and experience to anothers body.

How it came about?

I mixed what I learned in school with my extensive knowledge of men and women. I went to massage school in 1999 and received therapeutic training in 2000 and in 2002 worked under a professor for visual training in the Austin School Of Massage. In 2007 I worked at the Miami Vein Institute. 


I am a Virgo so pleasing one's body is a natural thing for me. I am also a woman of the South: Cajun Land Hospitality runs in my blood. I mixed the powers of skill, education, and experience with the boundaries of my life and the ethics I live by. Then magic formed in the stress management that thousands have enjoyed. This combination of science and (majic)  is called Majuru

Nuru is only Pleasurable. Therapeutic is only beneficial.

Majuru is both done in a scientific and beneficial way.



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