Hi I'm Maj


I have been expressing Majuru for 18 years. This is an expression of art, knowledge, and experience to anothers body.

How it came about?

I mixed what I learned in school with my extensive knowledge of men and women. I went to massage school in 1999 and received therapeutic training in 2000 and in 2002 worked under a professor for visual training in the Austin School Of Massage. In 2007 I worked at the Miami Vein Institute. 


I am a Virgo so pleasing one's body is a natural thing for me. I am also a woman of the South: Cajun Land Hospitality runs in my blood. I mixed the powers of skill, education, and experience with the boundaries of my life and the ethics I live by. Then magic formed in the massage that thousands have enjoyed. I learned that this combination of science and (majic) that occured when I massaged my clients is called The Majuru Massage.

Nuru is only Pleasurable. Therapeutic is only beneficial.

Majuru is both done in a scientific and Scientific way.



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